"Having lived in my standard box-like 640 square foot co-op apartment in a 1965 white brick building for over 30 years, I finally had time after retiring for a gut-renovation. Caroline created the apartment of my dreams- a unique contemporary, elegant gem that reflects my personality. It also feels larger despite my extensive storage needs. This remarkable result came about because in addition of being a knowledgable and talented designer, Caroline really understood my wants and needs.

Caroline personally designed a beautiful kitchen backsplash mosaic of colorful birds and vines, a floor-to-ceiling walnut and glass display cabinet for a dramatic entry, and a dazzling bathroom mural of marble and glass. These and other elements make my space truly exceptional and amaze everyone who enters.

A major goal was to provide as much storage space as possible. Using every inch, Caroline found space within the walls to create niches to display sculptures and to add bathroom cabinets. She designed several floor-to-ceiling wall units that provide a tremendous amount of storage and display space without overwhelming the rooms. When friends visit, they say that my place shows the best use of space they have ever seen.

Caroline has an amazing sense of style. She is also friendly, practical, organized, efficient, and keeps a close eye on all details of construction. I referred two friends to her who were also very pleased with their results, and will continue to recommend Caroline to others”.


I started working with Caroline when I bought my apartment in the city few years ago. Caroline has an exquisite taste, she's very organized and has an unbelievable attention to detail- all of which made this project flow seamlessly. Whether she was choosing the wall colors, tiles for the bathrooms or was picking the chandeliers – she was able to tie everything together beautifully - and transformed the apartment into a gem! She has listened to what my daughter and I envisioned for the apartment and made it into everything we wanted and more.

I loved working with Caroline so much that I actually looked for another project and two years later she help me with my office space.

As seamlessly as she pulled together a residential project, she has designed a beautiful commercial space.
She was able to capture the spirit of what I have envisioned and created a unique, timeless and elegant space while using the finishes for high traffic commercial area.
Once again she was able to combine beauty and elegance with practicality and simplicity.

I'm grateful that I had a chance to work with Caroline on both projects.


We have been working with Caroline Beaupere for 3 years. She is a very talented and creative designer with a great sense of space and style. She is a very detail oriented professional and she always makes sure that everything is done perfectly suited for her clients requests.

It was a pleasure working with Caroline and we are looking forward to some new projects together.


We have worked with Caroline to create our new home on the Upper West Side. It was a complex project - both in scale (making one apartment out of 3 distinct units) and in scope. Our goal was to combine the old world elegance of the landmark building (tiger oak floors, moldings and chandeliers) with contemporary furniture and technology (HVAC, AV system, state of the art kitchen, etc). Caroline held our hand through the entire process - from the original architectural plans to final fabric selections. She was a pleasure to work with - friendly, creative, and organized with a great eye for sophisticated design. Her wall and floor mosaics are absolutely spectacular.

Caroline's guidance turned the normally stressful process into a wonderful, positive experience. And if we ever move (hopefully no time soon) we would be honored to work with her again!


Working with Caroline was a dream for many reasons. Her sense of style and eye for quality speak for themselves; what you don't see is that behind the scenes, Caroline listens to her clients, and their needs and tastes. She is a master at combining function and form so that the spaces she creates are not only visually clean and sharp, but also very liveable and welcoming. Caroline's attention to detail is another impressive facet of her work. I'll never forget watching her paint swatches in my living room in heels and a fashionable dress just to satisfy herself that a color was, in fact, right for the light and space. Or, when she helped me install a work station that we retrofitted into the built-in bookshelves one Saturday morning. She also knew when to push me outside of my comfort zone and try something new. The red "gallery", for example. was something I almost shied away from at the last minute, until Caroline convinced me to give it a try. I am so glad I did. When I sold the apartment, the buyer specifically told me he loved and was keeping it!


My wife and I were exceptionally happy with the services provided by Caroline. We bought our first apartment shortly after being married. It was important for us to set up our first home in a way that would not only maximize our comfort and enjoyment, but that would achieve a balance between my wife's modern tastes and my classical ones. Caroline did just that. Rather than imposing her ideas on us, she sat down with us early on in the process to get a sense of our tastes, our goals, and our vision for the apartment, and she suggested practical ways we could see those to fruition. She brought excellent taste and judgment to bear in suggesting which of our ideas would work and which wouldn't, and in mediating between our often inconsistent ideas. And, with her significant experience, she was able to contribute excellent suggestions of her own that my wife and I would not have thought of.

Caroline was involved in every aspect of the decorating process: designing the layout of a room; choosing paint colors; designing furniture and rugs, meeting us at furniture stores to sample products; meeting furniture delivery people at the apartment; and celebrating with us over a glass of champagne once the apartment was finished. We could not have done it without her. I would recommend Caroline to anyone.


Dear Caroline,
So, here we are at the conclusion of our loft renovation, and using the gorgeous space that you created for us. As you know, the trials and tribulations with the contractor were many, but we wanted to take this time to thank you again for the tremendous job you did keeping our project on track. Thank you for the vision that you had when our space was such a mess that we couldn't believe that it could ever be beautiful. Thank you for the incredible combination of clarity and talent that led to such a perfect place for us to work. Every single person who has walked into our offices, without exception, has commented on how fantastic the space is. As for us, we feel so lucky to be able to walk downstairs and have this special, functional masterpiece be a place we can live and work in the years to come. Thanks, also, you for your unerring professionalism, and most importantly, for the friendship that has come through this experience. We are happy for all the people who will benefit from your talent as much as we have."


Caroline is truly amazing to work with. She has an incredible sense of style and knowledge of all types of materials and products. She was very willing to work with us within our budget and never once did we feel that she was forcing anything upon us. One of the best services she provided us was her role as intermediary between the contractor and us. She saw problems we never would have noticed and worked with the contractor to see that they were addressed. In addition she was the person who had the vision for how to make the space functional, open and aesthetically pleasing. In fact, her ideas were much better than any of the architects we spoke to so we hired her to draw up the plans! We could not be happier with the finished product thanks to Caroline!


If you are looking for a consummate professional, someone you can trust and count on, and of course, someone with a superb sense of design not to mention a thorough understanding of the technical nuts and bolts of renovation, connect with Caroline Beaupere.

I was fortunate to stumble upon Caroline when seeking a designer to help with a 1-bedroom Gramercy wreck. Caroline guided all aspects of the job, was there in a heartbeat whenever needed, always using her expert eye to realize what became a shared vision.

I am thrilled with the end product -- and guests are amazed at the transformation!


Caroline provided just what I was looking for - an excellent sense of style combined with a fine attention to detail. In particular, I needed a design professional who could work with my love of color and incorporate it into a very traditional home. She did all that, and more! Not only do I have an amazing color palette in my home, but she selected beautiful pieces that successfully contemporized a home that is almost a century old. Despite juggling several larger projects, she was always very responsive to my needs and worked in a most professional manner. She was a true pleasure to work with and highly recommended!